Leadership Development

Bill will work on leadership development with your team to empower leaders and create authentic community.

Leadership Development Speaking and Training

While speaking and training leaders in his leadership development seminars some of his regular topics include:


  • Becoming a Transformational Leader

  • Building a Culture of Leader Development

  • Crafting a Compelling Team/Group Vision

  • The Five Practices of Community

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Creating an Environment for Growth

  • Relational Risk Taking

  • Listening Beyond the Words

  • Leading Life–Changing Discussions


Leadership Development Coaching and Consulting

Consultation services are also available for personal leadership development guidance with coaching and consulting . 

Bill provides personal and organizational guidance in leadership development for strategic leaders who are serious about aligning vision and values with personal practices and organizational initiatives. The process for creating change in a leader or in a team is similar:

1)  Name Reality:

Every leader needs to know what is really going on – not what they think or hope is happening. Using a variety of assessments and interviews Bill will help you understand and face the truth.

2)  Leverage Strengths & Opportunities:

It is important to learn from failure and identify weaknesses. But real progress comes from leveraging the strengths of each leader and team member, and seizing the opportunities that produce the greatest results in line with a preferred vision.

3)  Identify Core Strategies and Processes:

By creating clear pathways and desired outcomes a team can create real momentum. And, as they execute the plan they also learn the processes needed to become an authentic team.

4)  Create Learning Loops:

Leaders need accurate data and current feedback regarding their personal growth as well as team progress. The right metrics – quantitative and qualitative – will keep everyone up to date with progress and key learning points.