Leadership Videos – Dr. Bill Donahue a popular Speaker, Professor and Leadership Consultant who works with individuals and groups bringing clarity to leadership.

Leadership Videos - Dr Bill Donahue

Bill’s vision is: “Resourcing life-changing leaders for world-changing influence.”   Leaders and their teams need a clear personal vision and a transformational team strategy.


This requires work in 3 key areas:

1. Maximize Leadership Capacity:

Every leader needs Personal Development and Vision Clarity. Bill helps leaders craft a transformational vision that integrates personal goals with leadership responsibilities, leveraging their capabilities and challenging them to grow.

2. Sharpen Mission Clarity:

Leaders face intense growth challenges in this era of limited resources and reduced staffing. A leader cannot straddle the fence. Decisiveness and focus on a clear, compelling mission will allow personal and organizational resources to be fully engaged without distraction.

3. Build Transformational Community:

Groups and teams are the lifeblood of businesses, churches, schools, hospitals, the military and local municipalities. Bill helps senior leaders build a network of thriving groups and teams that effect personal transformation while accomplishing the core mission.

The above Leadership Videos – Dr. Bill Donahue are created by Bill to inspire and help cultivate better leaders. Please feel free to send a request to Bill for specific content you may like to hear about on Bills Blog. You can submit your requests through the contact page. Click here for contact page.

Bill’s Background:

Dr. Bill Donahue, Ph.D., is a popular conference speaker, prolific author and leadership consultant. A graduate of Princeton University, Bill also holds a Ph.D. in Adult Learning from the University of North Texas. He is an Associate Professor at Trinity International University in Deerfield where he develops emerging leaders. He also serves as President of the LeaderSync Group, Inc. where he provides strategic consulting and leadership development for key leaders and their teams.

Bill has worked with P&G and PNC Financial Corp. and as Director of Leader Development and Small Groups at the Willow Creek Association and Church where he designed leadership strategies and resources for leaders worldwide.

Bill has authored over a dozen books and resources including the best-selling Leading Life-changing Small Groups and co-authored Coaching Life-Changing Leaders with Greg Bowman, and Building a Life-changing Small Group Ministry with Russ Robinson.

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