The Two Things Every Quality Organization Needs – and Why

Two areas drive my passion and practice. They “need” one another. And in my work with churches, businesses, educational institutions and start-up operations, these 2 THINGS really matter. At the end of this post you can see how I help leaders of quality organizations in these 2 areas.  See if you can spot them on this list below.


  • Clear Mission                        
  • Competent Leadership        
  • A Great Team
  • Essential Funding                 
  • Creative Workplace
  • A Visionary Person
  • Strong Community
  • Recognition for Work
  • Ownership by All
  • Enjoy My Work 


I chose Competent Leadership and Strong Community – and here is why.

First: Competent Leadership

Competent Leaders do many of the other things: they have a clear mission, build great teams, recognize fellow leaders and teammates, secure the resources and funding needed, and share the ownership of quality organizations. So competency, while not everything in leadership, is essential. Yes, character is key. But competence, to me, includes character. Look for Mark Miller’s new book on this coming in October!

Incompetent leaders are not trusted by those close to them. Soon seasoned leaders leave and younger talent that started out feeling, “Wow, I can’t believe I get to work here!” soon says, “Wow, I can’t believe I have to work here!”

  • A start-up business keeps chasing capital as the leader points fingers: “Initial sources have dried up,” because “our investors just don’t understand us.”
  • A large church looses great staff saying these leaders have “been called elsewhere,” but everyone knows the controlling Senior Pastor nudges them out the door by giving no space for fresh ideas or shared leadership. But who cares – attendance is steady and giving is up!
  • The board at a major land grant university asks the president to leave even though she is a strong leader. They needed to “rein her in a little” because she was “endangering our values.” Probably long-standing values like complacency, boredom and rigidity.

This kind of leadership kills organizations or forces everyone into image management.

Second: A Strong Community

Competent leaders build strong community, not a team of “yes” men and women who lack courage, withhold speaking truth, and linger because of fear, insecurity or a larger paycheck.

A strong community – in a hospital, a manufacturing company, a high school, or religious non-profit – creates a thriving organization. Here is what it produces.

  • A healthy staff culture where the real truth can be told
  • Less turnover and more shared leadership, vision and ownership
  • A feeling of belonging and connection (Brenne Brown would say love!)

See her TED talk here.

  • Freedom to fail, demonstrate love, and express vulnerability

My Commitment to My Clients

I develop transformational leaders and help people establish groups and teams that build strong community. I have made a serious investment in these 2 areas and have helped hundreds or quality organizations and leaders. Maybe I can serve you.

I provide these Speaking, Coaching and Consulting services to emerging leaders, established organizations, growing churches, and leadership teams. Just contact me here on or call me at 847-317-8129 for further information.


  • The 7 Marks of a Transformational Leader
  • Strengthening The Soul of Your Leadership
  • Catalytic Leadership: Inspiring Others to Change
  • 5 Mistakes Every Leader Makes—And How To Recover
  • The 4 Hats of a Leader
  • Winning at Life and Leadership
  • Managing Personal and Organizational Transitions
  • Crafting a Compelling Vision: 4 Questions Your Team Must Answer
  • Your Mission Matters: Get Clear and Get Going
  • Strategies for Growth: Stronger People and Better Results
  • Creating an Environment for Growth
  • Overcoming the 5 Barriers that Keep You From Growing
  • Building and Sustaining Transformational Groups and Teams
  • Sacred Allies: Deeper Friendships, Stronger Marriages
  • Leading A Life-Changing Small Group
  • Coaching Life-Changing Leaders
  • The 5 Practices for Building Community
  • Facing Fear and Doubt with Courage and Conviction
  • Do the Hard Things: Navigating Conflict and Healthy Confrontation
  • From Routine Meetings to Life-changing Moments


I would love your input. What have you learned about becoming a Competent Leader? How have you built a strong community in your personal life or organization? 

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