Why Your Best Performers Need the Most Coaching

Why Your Best Performers Need the Most Coaching

10 Factors Affecting the Impact & Health of High Performers

1) Most organizational problems are relational problems, so helping key leaders manage work, family and life
relationships is essential

2) Most leaders get frustrated as they approach their 40-50’5 because they are unclear of

a.   what is next for them to focus on in work, life and relationships,

b.   where they make their best contribution,

c.   how to leverage increasing wisdom and experience

d.   how to deal with declining energy, and

e.   how to make decisions that align With their strengths and minimize distractions

3) Relational friction and breakdown are the primary causes for performance decline at work (outside of pure competence issues) even when professional competence is high

4) Leadership burnout is common, and employers lose some of their best people Just when they are becoming high performers, notably in their 40’s-50’s

5) Rising leaders and performers in their mid-to-late 30’s are not often given the skills they need now before they hit these most challenging years

6) Most high—performers are running on fumes and realize what got them “here” (pure energy, liigli speed, ignoring emotional fractures and relational challenges) is not going to get them “there” (a place of focus, sustainable life rhythms, investment in personal growth, high performance without high stress and quality relational health)

7) Uncertainty about the future and dissatisfaction with the past produce guilt, shame and anxiety, and this affects performance

8) A company’s bottom line is directly affected by this loss of focus, momentum, and clarity that results when high performers begin to unravel under new pressures they are not equipped to handle

9) The inability to process deep change and transitions (corporate and personal), produces stress and affects team synergy

10) The need to process and resolve conflicts at home, work and elsewhere takes a toll on relationships, performance and personal growth

Coaching for key leaders provides many benefits:

  • Just in time learning, immediate feedback loop and strategic next steps
  • Provides a platform for personal and business transformation
  • Assesses ready, willing and able
  • Identifies and assists in developing the competencies needed to improve and expand effectiveness in personal growth and business leadership
  • Increases accountability to organizational goals through action plans and consistent follow—up witli the coach
  • Builds capability and capacity instead of co.dependence
  • Creates a support environment for ongoing issues and challenges
  • Emphasizes the unique potential ofthe individual(s) so that the business capitalizes on the strengths of the whole team
  • Promotes focused performance discussions
  • Builds individual emotional intelligence for self-awareness and self management
  • Fosters entrepreneurial tliinking
  • Facilitates the building of shared vision
  • Complements other improvement processes
  • Results in improved workforce recruitment and retention
  • Clarifies Life vision and Focus to integrate personal goals with corporate outcomes
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