About Bill Donahue

Bill Donahue has dedicated his career to developing high performance teams and uncovering practices that produce transformational leaders.

Having authored over a dozen books and resources, including the best-selling Leading Life-Changing Small Groups, and co-authored Coaching Life-Changing Leaders with Greg Bowman. Bill Donahue is a popular conference speaker and leadership consultant.

Bill has worked with a range of organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, faith-based non-profits, large churches, and entrepreneurial ventures. This includes organizations like AbbVie, McDonalds, BJC Healthcare, Astellas, Willow Creek, Amita Health, Allstate, North Point Ministries, and Washington University Medical School.

Bill’s research and writing focuses on helping leaders like you to become transformational leaders, build great teams, and launch life-changing groups. He co-leads the Doctor of Ministry program at Trinity International University, teaching courses in leadership, team-building, organizational communication, and group dynamics.

Bill Donahue is the Founder and President of the LeaderSync Group.



Ph.D., Adult Learning, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas


Master of Arts, Dallas Seminary, Dallas, Texas


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ



Hogan Lead Series HPI, HDS, MVPI


Hogan 360