The Irresistible Community

An Invitation to Life Together

We all want a place where our stories matter, our voices are heard, our uniqueness is celebrated, our failures are embraced, and our hopes are unleashed. That kind of deep, life-changing community was modeled perfectly by Jesus and the ragged bunch of followers with whom he chose to spend his time. But how can we create it in our lives?

3 practices that will transform your leadership culture

A Free Ebook

Leaders know that who we are, what we do today, and how we move forward will impact countless lives and workplaces – for better or worse. So to do that well means acting in a way that transforms not only our lives, but impacts the culture of leadership where we work. In this ebook, I offer 3 essential practices to help you drive cultural change through personal transformation.

Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders

A Comprehensive Guide for Developing Leaders of Groups & Teams

For those who want to coach with excellence and truly help small group leaders thrive, this go-to guide offers practical answers and inspiring examples. You’ll find both challenge and promise in these pages as you learn to lead with confidence.

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups

Groups that Grow Series

Over 300,000 copies sold! 

Like nothing else, small groups have the power to change lives. They’re the ideal route to discipleship—a place where the rubber of biblical truth meets the road of human relationships. This book contains practical insights on small-group leadership for educators, counselors, and leaders.